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When you order from Shirtino custom made shirt, you are ordering a piece that you are going to like because you’re choosing the styling, colors, and fit that you’re happiest with.

How Does It Work?

Go to our website at, and then click 'order now'.

After that, a wide range of different designs of fabrics will appear. You first have to decide what design of fabric do you want and what type do you need.

Next is the selection the style of your collar, you have to make sure that you consider the shape of your face as a basis when selecting the style. The shape of your face and the style of the collar tells how proportion it is.

If you wanted to have just a classic looking shirt that can be use for business meetings and also can be more casual like for hang out with friends, you should select a barrel style cuffs. But if you wanted to become more formal like it is for important occasions and wedding, the best option for you is the french cuff style.

Then after selecting the most major parts of the shirt, you can also customize some other parts like the button style and color, button hole tread color, monograms, pocket styles, and from placket to pleats style.

After reviewing your custom design, you will proceed to the personal and payment information. After that, you're about to answer our sizes algorithm survey. This survey is for us to accurately assess the exact measurement of your body.

You will receive your shirts within 4 weeks.

Experience designing your perfect fit shirt and dress to impress.