Beyond Your Suit | By Shirtino

When it comes to looking your best, whether you’re trying to impress many people around you or stand out in your profession, attire matters.

As others said, if you’re asking for money, wear a tie. The same manner as if you wanted to be at your best looking, then wear a suit. But if you believe that suit was the most significant part of your fashion, then you’re probably mistaken. If you’re thinking that shirt is less important than a suit just because only collar and cuffs are the visible parts when wearing a suit, then you’re wrong.

A suit may create your first impression, but it can’t define your signature look. It refers to the uniqueness of your fashion style. There’s a high possibility that you could see someone worn the same suit design and style. But the shirt, it defines your personality inside your suit. It means that shirt has its more power to make your style more personal and unique from others. From the collar style that depends on your face’s shape to your preferred style of cuffs. Shirts are better when bespoke, to achieve high quality and better fit. Also, the shirt can improve the fit of your suit and or make it worst when not properly fits.