Button-Down Collar | By Shirtino

Most of us are confused about when to wear the button-down collars and what is its difference with the classic or point collar. Here are some facts about the button-down collar:

The button-down collar is a more casual style compared with point collar. This type of collar also called as an informal collar. Unlike the classic or point collar, button-down collar is soft in texture. It is unusual to use the button down collars with formal suits.

When wearing a button-down collar, just make sure that the buttons which hold the collar points down are of good quality because they will be very visible in your outfit. If you're wearing a suit, jacket or a tie, they will be the only shirt buttons that are visible because they're near to your face.

The button-down collar deserves a space in every man's closet. Match it with your best-colored chinos, and you will have a classy casual look. Whether for business or hang-outs with friends, every man needs to appreciate and understand how and when to wear the button down collar shirt.

Another idea is that, if you ever wanted to have a button-down shirt but don't want to have visible buttons on each collar points, the hidden button-down collar is best for you. The idea runs the same way but the only difference is that there is a hidden loop under each collar points.