Custom Dress Shirt: Where and When to Wear It?

An ideal dress shirt is a button-down shirt that has a collar, long sleeves, and wrist cuffs. As you can observe, men are the ones who usually wear this apparel. However, even women can wear a dress shirt. Since it comes in a variety of colours and patterns, it can be worn on almost all occasions. Either you are attending a formal or informal event, you can wear a dress shirt to look presentable. You can buy this garment in both local and online stores. If you are considering having one, then make sure to purchase a dress shirt that provides a good fit.

Why Custom Dress Shirt?

As mentioned earlier, you can find a dress shirt in any clothing store. Most clothing companies sell off-the-rack dress shirts to help those people who need this type of apparel. Readily available garments can benefit some individuals, especially those who are last-minute shoppers. However, it is highly suggested to opt for custom dress shirts. Why? It is because custom-made shirts offer a better fit compared to off-the-rack garments. With an excellent fit, you can confidently flaunt your fashion statement. There are many ways to tell if a dress shirt has a proper fit. For a well-fitted dress shirt, you have to look for the following:

  1. Depending on your desired fit, there should be a room in the chest and waist. It can be determined by pinching out 1-3 inches of fabric.
  2. It allows you to fit your two fingers in the collar when buttoned.
  3. The cuffs should not be too loose or too tight.
  4. The shoulder points should extend to the end of your shoulders.
  5. The sleeves should have enough length. The dress shirt should allow you to raise your arms without pulling the cuffs down the forearm. Other than these, the apparel should also provide one inch of fabric near the hem when your arms hang.

Where and When to Wear A Dress Shirt

Men are the ones who are typically spotted wearing a dress shirt. But many bespoke clothing companies are now considering to tailor custom-made shirts for men and women. A dress shirt is one of the most versatile apparel that you can wear. There is no doubt why both men and women opt for this kind of clothing. The question is, “Where and when can you wear a dress shirt?” The truth is, you can wear it anytime and anywhere you think is suitable. For instance, you can wear it at school, in the office, or even when attending parties and social gatherings. It can be worn at casual or formal events, depending on what accessories you will add on your attire.

Custom dress shirts are simply fashionable, which both men and women can wear. All you need is to find a shirt that perfectly fits your body. If you are looking for a bespoke clothing store that sells quality dress shirts, then Shirtino could be your best choice. Click here to order now!