Brief History of Bespoke Shirts | By Shirtino

The majority of today’s men used to wear off-the-rack shirts produced by factories. Only a minority of gentleman today dress in bespoke shirts made by tailors, but for about hundred years ago every garment was made by hand. They're handcrafted by selected skilled tailors.

A Bespoke shirt is a valuable garment that you treat with dignity and care and you are quick to put it on as soon as you get it in your hands. And then you long for wearing it again and again. Ussually accompanied by a suit and tie or casually unbuttoned together with your favourite jeans.

If you need to wear a shirt every day for work purposes or if you just wanted to dress up, then off-the-racks are not the right choice for you. Modern tailors suggest you go for bespoke clothing. Bespoke shirts provide the best satisfaction for those who are looking for a shirt that has a perfect fit for your body. Bespoke ages was like an old trend that is slowly going back to the game.