Fashion Tips Exposed: How to Style Your Bespoke Shirt

The demand for custom-made shirts is growing as the day passes by. It is because more and more people are learning to know the benefits of patronizing bespoke apparel. Some individuals may ask themselves, “What is bespoke clothing?” Bespoke clothing refers to apparel that has used customized patterns during the tailoring process. Every bespoke tailor uses a different design for each customer. Since the garment is tailored based on the customer’s body measurements, bespoke clothing guarantees a perfect fit. There are several bespoke clothing companies that you can find. Some of them offer custom-made button-down shirts and tuxedos, which you can wear for formal occasions. However, there are a lot of ways to style your button-down shirt. Knowing these fashion tips can help you level up your style whenever and wherever you are.

Men’s Guide When Wearing a Bespoke Shirt

Just like women, most men also want to look fashionable. Typically, most of them are seen wearing fewer accessories compared to women. It is because there are guys out there who are particular in adding clothing pieces and accessories to their wardrobe. If you are the type of man who prefers quality than quantity, then investing in bespoke clothing could be your best choice. Not only it hugs your body perfectly, but you can also customize the fabric, buttons, and other materials needed for custom-made apparel. If you are considering to have a bespoke button-down shirt, then here are some stylish ways to wear it:

  1. Roll the sleeves. A button-down shirt is one of the classic clothing pieces that never go out of style. If you want to keep its simplicity, but you also want to spice up your look, then consider rolling the sleeves. It is recommended for those who are not fond of layering clothes and wearing accessories.
  2. Wear it underneath a sweater. If you want to achieve a trendsetting look even on cold weather, then wear a button-down shirt underneath a sweater. It is a simple fashion tip that can level up your style whenever you need it. You may also add some accessories to complete the ensemble.
  3. Wear it with or without a tie. One of the benefits of having a button-down shirt in your wardrobe is its versatility. You can wear it in almost any type of occasion, either formal or informal. If you want to dress up in nice attire, but you also want to look casual, then consider wearing the button-down shirt without a tie. You may bring a necktie with you and keep it in your bag. In this way, you will have an accessory which you can wear if there’s a formal event that you need to attend to.

If you will invest in quality apparel, it would be better to consider bespoke clothing. Besides providing a perfect fit, it also allows you to enhance your style by incorporating your customizations. If you already got a customized shirt, try experimenting with different styles to improve your look. You can mix and match it with various pieces of clothing to achieve a fashionable ensemble. If you prefer simple but trendsetting apparel, then consider buying button-down shirts from Shirtino.