Is Bespoke And Made To Measure Are The Same?

The Custom Made Shirts are also known as tailored or bespoke while made to measure or "MTM" are often confused with being the same. The reality is, both terms have different meanings and represent a different system. When you refer to something as Custom or Bespoke, you usually mean that something is made from scratch and also you're able to customize its design according to your preferences. The term “Made to Measure” is referred to clothing that has been pre-manufactured by the factory and is ready to be altered or adjusted to fit for your body measurements.

So when you say Made to Measure, it is slightly the same with off-the-rack shirts because of its pre-manufacturing process. Their only difference is that MTM can still be altered to fit your body properly while the off-the-racks are not.

Bespoke shirt making process will only start when you're already submitted your preferred design combinations and measurements.

Unlike MTMs, the Shirtino bespoke process will now be more advance using modern technology. We're now using an advance innovation system called Sizes Algorithm which can easily detect and recognize your body measurements. It is an automated computer system and yet proven accurate.