Types Of Shirt Pleats | By Shirtino

Bespoke shirts should be comfortable and fit without restricting your movements. Among all different types of shirts available, how could you know of which one to shop online for? There are many styles and design considerations when choosing a shirt. Pleats were created to helps improve the visibility of the shape of your back. Your back has a natural curve and every edge should be fitted proportionally. Pleats are very important to a dress shirt because aside from its contribution to your shape, it also provides comfort to your shoulders to be able to move conveniently.

When it comes to designs, there are three types of pleats with each advantages and disadvantages:

One Pleat

The most common pleat style for off-the-rack shirts. This single pleat creates a rectangular fold that runs along the middle of your back and also called as the box pleat. This style is more common and casual because it allows you for the most movement.

Two Pleats

This style looks cleaner and more formal than one pleat. They are considered more stylish and definite than one pleat and tend to fit men more comfortably because they could align better with the shape of your back.

No Pleats

This is the cleanest style and is the most formal among the three and is considered the easiest to iron. No pleats mean that it was built to fit the person wearing it.

If you wanted to have a shirt with no pleats, you should go to tailors to get the perfect fit for yourself.